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All in One Voice Changer by Alth-Tek is a software that enables you to change voices during calls. This has many uses for content creators, or simply for audio pranks. All-in-One Voice Changer lets you set the pitch differently, and can be used for multiple online programs. It’s a simple way to adjust your voice, and overall there is a novelty to make one’s voice sound different using the software.

What are the main features of All-in-One Voice Changer?

All-in-One Voice Changer has simple functionality - it changes the voice. It’s an easy-to-use program that lets you increase or decrease the pitch to sound different. It lets you test the sound before you get on a call, to hear what you sound like. One can also import a sound or a voice to be able to alter the pitch, and the audio file can be saved in the .Wav format. The program can be linked to Skype, and calls can be made using the altered voice. The interface is pretty basic, with a singular slider that lets you go up and down in pitch. To indicate, the graphics of man, woman, cat, and dragon, help navigate the pitches. One simply needs to move the slider to test the pitch that they’d like the voice to be altered to.

What does the program change the voice to?

The only changes that users can make using the All-in-One Voice Changer is to the pitch. No other characteristic of the voice can be changed. However, even changing the pitch can drastically alter the voice, and it becomes totally unrecognizable. For performing characters or creating content, this can be a great tool to help play different characters. So, using the program, it’s not like you’ll sound like a dog or a cat suddenly, but you can surely sound like a man or a woman in a different pitched voice. Pranking a friend just got easy!

How to make calls with the voice altered with All-in-One Voice Changer?

The program can be integrated with Skype, to make calls using the altered voice. One just needs to have a Skype account, and the software will automatically sync with it. It may ask for permission to sync the two, and once you do that, it is ready to use via Skype. The program can also be used with Yahoo Messenger, QQ International Messenger, and others.

What are the alternatives to All-in-One Voice Changer by Alth-Tek?

Some alternatives to All-in-One Voice Changer by Alth-Tek are Voxal Voice Changer, Skype Voice Changer Pro, Fake Voice, AV Voice Changer, MorphVox, and more. If you compare All-in-One Voice Changer by Alth-tek to the others, it is evident that this program is quite basic, and there is so much more than can be done with the voice changing software. Programs like Voxal Voice Changer can help alter the voice by its pitch, echo, flanger and more. Skype Voice Changer Pro is completely integrated with the Skype program and doesn’t need an external program like All-in-One Voice Changer to alter the voice. However, this is available only in the pro/business version of the program, and is not free.

Other programs like MorphVox, AV Voice Changer, and more also offer a number of features and unique functionalities, that are totally missing from this Alth-Tek voice changing software. Programs also let you alter or morph voices, and save the recordings, which is missing from this voice changing program.

What are the perils of All-in-One Voice Changer?

The biggest risk of a voice changing software is that it can be misused by someone will ill intent. While the uses can be multifold in content creation, there are also a number of ways in which the voice changing can be misused. This is perhaps why the All-in-One Voice Changer does not allow for users to export a file, only play it back during the call or while using the software. Skype does allow recording of calls, but that is a functionality of a different program.

What’s the final word on All-in-One Voice Changer by Alth-Tek?

The program is a simple, fun way to change one’s voice for a call, to prank someone, create different characters using different voices, try singing songs in different voices, or simply to have one with friends by a harmless prank. However, if misused, it can be pretty risky and can be used for illegal activity. It is best to use the application judiciously, and for some fun!

An interesting voice tool for playing online prank calls on your friends.

All-in-One Voice Changer is an interesting audio application which can play prank calls online on your friends. When you are speaking with your friends through IM tools such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger or QQ International, it can change your voice pitch in a funny way during the call. You can also use it as a dubbing tool to dub funny videos in your way.

It can also be used for dubbing funny videos with the import/export functions.

It supports multiple popular web phone applications such as Skype, QQ International and Yahoo Messenger. All-in-One Voice Changer is based on Skype Voice Changer of AthTek Software, thus they have the same interface.

People who wants to play prank calls on friends would love this software. When you are speaking with your friends through IM tools, it can change your voice pitch in a funny way during the call.


  • Fun voice altering
  • Can conduct calls using changed voices
  • Easy to use


  • Limited functionality
  • Can be misused

Program available in other languages

User reviews about All-in-One Voice Changer

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    dont download it.
    its a virus, dont download it. it already looks sketchy from the beging Pros: it was a fast download
    the idea
    Cons: my computer


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